Thursday, May 13, 2010

A very lizard day

At 5:00 AM I put my dogs to frolic while I make coffee. They head out into their run through the side porch. Just to the left of the door hangs a string of glitter encrusted plastic snow flakes which I think are beautiful and refuse to take down even though it is almost Memorial Day. This morning I sat down on a bench and waited for them because I had a little burst of energy the night before and ground the coffee and set up the machine so all I needed to do was push the button. I looked around at the peeling paint and cobwebs and thought about the amount of time it would take to scrape and paint. Then I spotted a regular visitor in an unusual place. One of the snowflakes had acquired a rider:

 Papi used the camera later in the day when he spotted a strange creature when he was bringing in the mail:

...and all the wet weather is certainly going to bring the snakes out of the woods.  Fingers crossed that I don't stumble across any rattle snakes.


  1. The little green guy in the top photo is sort of cute, but I wouldn't want to run into rattlesnakes either! We have copperheads in our part of the country (although, thankfully, I've never met one personally!).

  2. The green one is actually an anole. They run around every where and are sometimes found in the house much to the delight of the dogs. We have skinks also. They have a cobalt tail, but if I only see their heads I always think I'm looking at a snake.

    Last spring and summer it was very wet and this drove the snakes from the swamps and ditches out onto higher ground such as my backyard and driveway. The timber rattlers particularly liked a sunny spot near the mailbox!