Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tiny Towns

La Casa de La Luna

During the blistering heat of July, I spent a few days breaking up stone tiles leftover from the kitchen project and making 15 mosaic 16"x16"stepping stones.  I also tiled the side door step.  I don't know why whoever poured the concrete for the doorstep put in something that was so obviously not symmetrical for an entrance that really needed symmetry, but generally there are enough plants around the entrance that it doesn't jump out at you.  I also fixed the door and repainted it.  Here the color looks rather light blue, but there is actually much more green in it (sorry Mom). I still have not been able to re-hang the gutter on the side of the carport so that it will drain properly.  I painted the front door the same color and the side door.

This project came about after the plumber destroyed (in an effort to find the main sewage line coming out of the house) an area just outside the back door which had been covered in landscaping fabric and river rock.  The rock was too difficult to keep free of pinestraw and other debris, so this seemed like half of a good solution.  You can see Coltrane, below, checking out the project.  I'm going to plant some low ground cover between the windows and the stepping stones.  That area gets rain because the carport stops short of the house.  It is shady so hostas and ferns might actually grow there.  While I was working toads were hopping around checking out what was going on with their habitat.