Tuesday, May 18, 2010

All mimsy were the borogoves

I worked on this peyote stitch bracelet last month, but didn't finish the closure until last night.  I wanted a button, but none of those I found on my quest quite fit the bill.  I've also been thinking a lot about the engineering of jewelry and pondering how I could attach the button.  I still am not satisfied with the solution, but I did finish the piece.  I decided to drill a whole in a 1/2 franc coin and wire a loop, then sew the loop of wire into the last space on the point of the piece and work the thread throughout the width.  The beaded loop for the closure is anchored into the body of the piece and is not right at the end.  When it is on my wrist the two point meet and do not overlap.  This was made from a pattern by Viktoria Szabo at Fairy's Dreams Jewellery on Etsy.
Borogove bracelet in two-tone blue
 When the French teacher saw this she kindly offered me some francs she has because she felt that the euro coin just would not due for a proper closure.
 Since this is actually an even-count peyote, I needed a closure that would hide the fact that the pointed ends are one bead off from being symmetrical.
Some of the flowers have a third color of bead - a very deep and sparkly blue.

A nice shot of what my dermatologist calls "wisdom marks" and I try to pass off as a dainty group of freckles.

I'm getting a bit better with my photos and there is a lot less dog hair showing in the bead weaving.  It helps that I made this piece after the boys were groomed.  Still, the back seat of my car looks as if a small animal exploded.  Corgi hair must carry some radically charged particles that allows it to form an unbreakable magnetic bond with whatever it comes into contact. 

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