Thursday, May 27, 2010

Raised by sheep

At just before 6 AM this morning the little boys decided they both wanted to sniff the same piece of territory (or cat/raccoon scat)and at the ends of their leashed they started to fight with each other. It was more noise than anything, but I, with coffee mug in one hand and leashes in the other, was unprepared to do anything decisive. When I told Papi at dinner he let out an ear piercing, glass shattering whistle. Now he is rather adept with the whistling and can raise me from a snooze on the couch in the living room from across the house if he finds himself stranded without tp, but this was a sound that could be used as an alert if a tornado came into town. When asked how he learned to whistle like that he explained succinctly, Oh, I used to hang out with shepherds We would go up into the hills in the morning and you have to be able to whistle to the dogs and the sheep.  I couldn't whistle well and the shepherd boys made fun of me and said I whistled like a girl.  I practiced every day until I would become lightheaded. It took me about two weeks, but then I got it. 

And this was a pretty normal dinner table conversation with my husband.  I find out new tidbits all the time.  He hung with the local shepherds when he was in 6th grade.  The 6th grade me was skateboarding.
Look out for the sweet looking little one - Coltrane - he is feisty

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