Friday, April 29, 2011

Check out the pictures in your garden

My husband was gone when I got home from work today, but he left me a note on top of the camera...

"Check out the pictures in your garden."

These are the pictures taken just outside the back door.  Yikes!  Please tell me that is a white oak snake and not a rattler.  I won't know until he gets home and tells me what he heard when he took the pics, but that looks like a fairly shield-shaped help to me! 
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Springtime Earring Blog Hop

I made these beauties for the Springtime Earrings Blog Hop being hosted by Moira McEvoy of The Musings of Mystic Pesto.  While bright pink and fuschia may not be the colors of spring in many part of the country, here in the southernmost part of Georgia they are the colors of the last camellias, the azaleas, and the strawberries.  With the temperatures reaching over 90F at the end of the week, and plenty of standing water from all the downpours we have had, these are also the colors of my mosquito bites.  I was attacked as soon as I stepped out the door with my camera.. 
Last week I wrote about my strawberries and cream necklace and here are earrings in the same colorway. I learned a bit about thread tension and decided to use Fireline for the earring shown in full above.  I got a much snugger fit with my beads and far less stretch.  I think I'm going to need to skip the Thread Heaven and use microcrystaline wax when I work with thread.  I read about some stiffening properties it has and this might also help.

Check out the other participant in the blog hop:

Lois Moon **you are here**
If you have tuned in to find out when to enter to win the Sisterhood of the Traveling Bead Box, the box has yet to arrive in Georgia.  I expect it early next week.  I will post details as soon as it arrives.
daily dog shot - Mingus the corgi

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Woodland glade

I've had this pendant sitting around since last year.  It is actually made from translucent polymer clay which I colored with a variety of inks after I fired it.  I didn't make a mold, instead I took an impression from a carved wooden box.  Last weekend I got around to wiring beads and made this necklace with crystals, gemstones, Czech beads, and anything else which appealed to me.  I set out to make it very long, but after wearing it once this way I shortened it to about 17in.  Now I have enough left over to make a bracelet.
no, that's not silver - I used Beadalon German style wire

Monday, April 18, 2011

Handpicked and freshly churned

The strawberry season is going to be winding down here.  I've got to get out to one of the farms and get some homemade strawberry ice cream.  Next month we will be in peach season and that ice cream is great if you head to the right orchard to get a cone.  I like the Burton Brooks Orchard with their giant hand-lettered sign reading "Old Fashion Ice Cream."  Maybe it is all the fruit coming into season that lead me to this rather uncharacteristic colorway when I put together this necklace from directions in La Bella Joya's newsletter (if you aren't signed up click over to Marcie's site and do yourself the favor).
strawberries & cream
I know it has a few tension problems, but I ignored very clear directions.  You cannot see thread unless you view the world through a macro lens at all times.
a little lotus
Above is my happy accident.  I followed the wrong thread path and instead of a starflower, I got what looks like a lotus.  I'm going to play with this shape a little more.
11/0's & 15/0's
time for ice cream!
the ice cream shack at the orchard

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Macro Roses

I found the I Heart Macro Blog Hop this morning and was inspired to post.  Studio Waterstone is hosting.I was out taking pictures of recently completed work this morning and I noticed my climbing roses were beginning to bloom.
I have some other roses which are called something like Nearly Native.  They bloom and bloom and bloom.
this one is starting to fade
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Copper Diem: Give it away, give it away, give it away, now

Copper Diem: Give it away, give it away, give it away, now:

 Check out the giveaway at Copper Diem...

Monday, April 11, 2011

It is coming...

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bead Box is coming to Georgia!
from Cristi's blog 2 if by Sea
 Stay tuned for details!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

La Bella Joya Celebration Giveaway

Run to Marcie's blog and enter her nesting bracelet giveaway.  This piece is such a stunning and feminine combination of the matte seed beads and beautiful stones that she uses.  She is drawing a winner on Sunday.
Little Lavender Nests

Take the time to check out her Etsy store and tutorials.  She is offering a discount to celebrate her 300th sale!