Monday, April 23, 2012

On my bead tray

rock star sized cuff - 67mm wide
I'm working on a super-sized peyote stitch cuff.  I found a great pattern for this peacock feather cuff - Pavo Real - from the Fairy Factory.  Right now a number of the cuff patterns are on sale so go and take a look.  The pattern is easy to follow and written for brick stitch also (2 for 1).  I switched out one of the listed colors - the background was designed as clear crystal ab, but I'm using a white ab satin.  I was a bit afraid that I would see the thread through the clear beads (Delica 51...anyone tried those?).  Maybe I need to buy some and try them out myself because I've seen a couple patterns using them for background.
this baby really sparkles on the wrist
I'm all of 80 rows into the piece and have something like 120 more to go!  When I get closer to the end I will be able to decide how to close the piece.  I have a few concerns because of how wide it is, but I know I will be able to design something workable.

My neighbor is thrilled that I've given up my desire to keep peacocks in the yard and have channeled my energy toward recreating their feathers in beads.  Their screams can be ear splitting.  We actually have some in the neighborhood, but they are hidden away on a farm so we only get to see a wayward one once in a blue moon.


  1. Right now it looks like an insect with two big black eyes and iridescent wings. Provocative.

  2. I agree with Christine M. It reminds me of reading a book and rereading it years later. You can see the art from different viewpoints. Still gorgeous.