Thursday, May 10, 2012

...and then she fell out: my latest Southernism

My students were all excited when they returned to class after lunch today, and not just because you only need two hands to count the number of days left in the school year.  A group of students was walking the track and a girl, who is also pregnant,  fell out.   The students said she was walking with a friend and then, as if in slow motion, she just fell out.

I was particularly horrified because I couldn't figure out why a pregnant girl would be fighting - you know - falling out.  To me it made sense that falling out was just a twist of the expressing to have a falling out.  And of course I learned pretty quickly after I moved here that to show out means to make a fool of oneself.  But even after ten years here, I've discovered another Southernism.

To fall out means to faint.  The poor girl only pretended to faint which is why it was all in slow motion; her friend caught her and lowered her gently to the track (which my students acted out).  After some adult attention she got up under her own power.  That was it.  Over and done.

The students, however, felt cheated.  The school has recently instituted a protocol in case someone stops breathing or their heart stops, and we have been practicing with Code Blue alerts.  They wanted to see all the AED and CPR trained faculty and staff run out to the field and get to work.  They wanted to see a body jump under defibrillator paddles.  It is a good thing we are winding down for the year; I think they might be out for blood next!

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  1. Oh, Lois, the first time I used this expression in front of my husband (Ohio boy), he looked at me like I'd started speaking in tongues. I nearly fell out laughing at him ;-)