Monday, April 9, 2012

Loads of work in progress & dog on the mend

sweetpea butter fly designed by Huib Petersen
I've been doing just what I try to avoid - working on multiple projects at the same time.  My life outside of beading is filled with half finished project and things I can't quite get going so I love focusing on weaving a piece and seeing it through to the end, then starting a new one.  I need that boost I get from a sense of accomplishment upon completion.  Here are a two of the many pieces hanging about:
drop three peyote tube beads with a messy wrapped loop - only 12 more tubes to wrap
Coltrane has also been making strides.  He picked up a toy and brought it over to play, he started doing more steps, both up and down, he rolled onto his back in a stinky spot, and he is cleaning himself again!  It took ten days on all his drugs to get him this far.  He is on the taper down side of his prednisone and has 20 more days, and has 12 more days of antibiotics.  The poor guy was 28.6 lbs. on March 21st and only 26.6 lbs. on Friday. I started giving him some little snacks during the day and in the evening after dinner which seem to be giving him a little more energy.  He is is particularly fond of yogurt, corn tortillas (actual tortillas - not chips so there is no salt), and anything with peanut butter.
Mingus (red) sharing the couch with Coltrane (black) for a nap


  1. So happy to hear that Coltrane is on the mend, it is tough seeing them sick. Best wishes.

  2. Hi,Lois:-)
    When I saw Your beading in progress I could say at once,before reading Your blog post,that Coltrane is better,because mostly happy people make so nice things,as You do.
    The butterfly is going to be fantastic.I've always dreamed about the necklace with them,but made another projects one after another and delayed the idea.I'll have to think about it seriously,for I have got fine idea of the butterfly necklace on my mind.
    Warm Hugs-Halinka-

  3. That butterfly is looking wonderful. I am happy to hear that your pooch is recovering well.

  4. When pets are better so is our work. Glad to hear things are returning to normal.