Thursday, January 19, 2012

a little bird told me

From a Mary Tafoya pattern I made this cutie.  I played around with the colors a bit, made my own brass cuff, and used a pale leather for the backing.  This was my first try at attaching a peyote strip to a backing.
and the stitching really is not visible to the non-bionic naked eye
I stitched the peyote strip to Lacy's Stiff Stuff, glued the leather to the metal cuff I made, then stitched the Lacy's to the leather.  I want to thank the Bobbie from Beadsong Jewelry for her suggestions.


  1. Hola.... gracias por tus lindas ha encantado visitar tu blog y ver las cosas divinas que haces!!! y también hablas español!!!! je encantó tu pulsera!!! hasta la próxima...saludos y te llevo a mi blog...

  2. Recién estoy leyendo acerca de ti... y enseñas español congratulations!!! entonces...nos vemos.