Sunday, January 8, 2012

bobs and bits

During vacation I played with shapes.  I've still got to string some of these into a necklace.
little blossoms
stealth squares
Next up, I'm working on stitching a band of peyote to a metal cuff lined with leather.  I've never done this before and am a little worried about the execution.  Last night I glued the leather to the cuff (which I also made from a piece of brass) and stitched the peyote band to a piece of Lacey's Stiff Stuff.  Today I'm hoping to join the two pieces in a fashion that looks moderately professional.  I checked the web for directions and was horrified to find many said to glue the beadwork directly to the metal band.  Using glue (I used that E-6000 stuff and hate the smell) for the leather or ultrasuede backing is bad enough, but I could not bring myself to smear glue all over my sweet little Delica band.

Do you know a great way to attach a peyote (I know the above is loom woven) strip to a metal cuff?  I read that there should be something in between the beads and the metal.  Give me a little advice if you have some experience with this.

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  1. Lois, I agree with you about not gluing the beads to the metal - yikes! However, you may want to dab a bit between the metal and the Lacy's just so the beadwork doesn't squirrel around while you're finishing the edging. For the edge, I'd suggest doing a picot edging. I tried to type instructions, but here's a video that explains it better than I could:

    Hope you let us see the final product!