Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Galaxy Beads

I guess February 2010 was a good month for beading magazines because the Bead & Button Feb 2010 also has at least three designs I stitched.  This issue was just about the time I started bead weaving and two of the very first pieces I made came from its pages.
my second piece - a cute Beth Stone herringbone bracelet

a Smadar Grossman design
But all the time I was going through the pages of this issue, I had my eye on the Galaxy Bead by Gill Slone.  It seemed impossibly complicated and so far past what I might ever be able to do.  This fall I thumbed through all my beading magazines and saw the pattern again.  And it didn't seem that complicated!  It appeared to be something I could do.  So I rolled out a couple of Galaxy Beads.

in sapphire and silver

in heliotrope, bronze, and pearly white

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  1. Beautiful - isn't it fun to look back and realize how your skills (and courage!) have grown in just a short while?