Saturday, October 30, 2010

Margie & Me Rococo Challenge

I have wanted to work on some small pieces and thought that the La Bella Joya Weis Church Challenge would be perfect.  I started out by sending an email to Marcie saying I would make something small - maybe some earrings.  OK, now I was committed.  But after about ten minutes, I got an idea that was a bit more elaborate.  I loved working with some white AB Delicas in a previous piece and wanted to show off how they shimmer pink and blue - perfect for this challenge although nearly impossible for me to photograph.  I made some little wheels:
I made an all white and gold wheel first.  Then I thought that I should use some pink &/or blue.  The bottom design seemed a little art deco to me so I added some more one-cut 15's and got the top design.  When I made these little wheels in white and gold they totally reminded me of my great-grandmother Mildred.  In fact I could picture the white wool dress with which she would wear the piece.
That is Mildred as a cut-out photo figure.  I think this photo is from her honeymoon to France.
Finally I decided to ditch the pink and blue and just go with the shimmery white.  And I decided to make a bracelet.  Oopps, what happened to just something small?

 So all the threads hanging out might have given away my secret - I actually have not finished this piece.  I have about three more rings and two toggles to make.  After I started putting it together, I figured out a better way (isn't this always the case).  I also have been having a problem getting the thread tension right when I string them together so that rings that were nice and flat suddenly start to pucker. At any rate, I really like my festive bracelet and even if I didn't fully explore the color palette, I would never have made this piece without the challenge.


  1. This piece is GREAT! You definitely captured the look of this palette!

  2. I really love this!! This is a perfect holiday bracelet, it's gonna look so good when it's done, I can't wait to see the final piece!

  3. Really, really cool - and I love the shout out to your great grandmother :-) Elisabeth

  4. What a wonderful piece! Love your creative process.

  5. Oh these look fantastic! What a gorgeous design. Well done!


  6. What a great bracelet! I would not have drawn this idea from the painting. That is what I love about this challenge, seeing how we adapt!!