Tuesday, October 19, 2010

$700 pickup - I hate you Craig's List

If you are calling about the $700 pickup truck you saw on Craig's List, my phone number was printed in the ad, but I have no truck.  If you aren't calling me about the truck, leave a message.

Yah, my cell phone number is in a Craig's List ad and the phone hasn't stopped ringing all night.  Want a 1996 Nissan pickup:

Nice lil truck with 5 speed tranny . it was ran hot so i put in new water pump and radiater. i believe the head to be cracked. . with a lil money this will make someone a great lil truck pics will follow soon. i also have a camper shell to go with it . low miles. call ewric:(wro)ngF'n-number

The guy either lisps in print, can't spell his own name, really is named Ewric, or is a living example of why you should not drink and post ads requiring a response.  All I can say is that despite living in the Deep South for eight years, I could not understand some of the people who called me this evening. If I had the real phone number I could probably sell the darn truck tomorrow to one of my students.  It sounds like just the thing they might like.  But I would have to warn any potential buyer that it was ran hot.


  1. Bless your heart! LOL

    Great post, thanks so much for the belly laugh. :D

  2. So sorry - something similar happened to us only it involved stolen credit card (ours :-()