Thursday, October 21, 2010

Goes with everything

I can't quite get it together to take better pictures of this RAW bracelet so these will have to do.  I wove it from a Try-to-bead pattern and blogged about it a few weeks ago while it was in progress.  Here it is during:
I really loved the open spaces and didn't really want to fill them with the 6mm fire polished beads that the pattern suggested.  I played around and found some 4mm fire polished alexandrite twilight 4mm's.  This gave the piece some sparkle, but really allowed focus to stay on the awesome RAW pattern.  This is also the very first time I have played around with RAW so I'm pretty excited.
Bad light at 5PM.  The colors are richer.
Two tiny toggles close the bracelet
I love how the 4mm round and the seed beads both have some plum highlights


  1. Congratulations! This looks great! I love the added sparkle of the faceted beads, but just keeping the simpleness of the bracelet.