Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New work;silly dog

A foggy view because I didn't realize the lens was still not acclimated to the 100F

Ah, much better

This is a piece I finished a bit ago.  It isn't an original design.  I found it at one of the fabulous French blogs where patterns are freely shared for personal use.  You can find it at FlyBlog.  It is caled Boutonniere.  I liked the colors and the texture of the drop three peyote.  I added this antique metal button to Flymouche's pattern.  This is the first time I used these great bronze beads that I see all over the European sites and in many of the best American designers' work.  The camera really picked up on the slight tone difference between the bronze beads and the button, but in person they appear to be the same color.
The green is matte transparent.

I love the contrast of finishes among the beads.  The white are very pearly.
Even though this is an odd count pattern, it went together quickly in drop three.  Right now I'm working on a single drop odd count peyote, but I am using two needles to avoid one part of the bead fabric getting too stiff.  I thought I would have a big tangle of thread (actually Fireline), but all is going well.

I'm in the third week of school, have been sick for 1.5 weeks, and have 130 quizzes to grade right now. Final thought: Why does Coltrane always sleep with his head on a pillow?


  1. lovely bracelet. those bronze beads are some of my favorite to use.
    oh, and our cat, patches has always slept on our pillows, so maybe it's just a comfort thing...