Saturday, September 4, 2010

Only a matter of time

I was expecting this, sort of.   My husband has laid claim to one of my seed bead projects.  I'm working on an impossible wide (40mm) cuff in black, reds, and greys.  I left my work next to the computer where I had been catching up on-line on TV programs which are on past my weeknight bedtime.  After dinner, he sat down there and must have been playing with the piece.  He actually called me over to suggest that he could wear it.  Now this is my machote husband.  The one who wears only solid colors, who just this summer wore bermudas in public for the first time, and still will not wear sandals of any type.  He wears a watch and his wedding band, but that is it for jewelry.  This is what caught his eye:
The pattern is by Pascale Guichaoua-Mikovic and appeared as an on-line project in Bead&Button magazine in 2009. From her website, you can click to her all peyote site.  She has lots of pattern grids posted.  Her work is spectacular.  Do not miss her galleries.

This is the piece I'm working with two needles to to avoid the bulk you get when stitching in odd-count peyote.  I've found the added bonus of this approach is that I need to add thread half as often!  Now I have to figure out what sort of closure will be masculine enough for Papi.


  1. I've never done two-needle weave. This is awesome!

  2. The pattern looks awesome! How about two snaps, so you have an invisible closure, hidden by the ends of the bracelet. Or a simple button and loop closure.