Thursday, September 9, 2010

Counting sheep

Since we are the home to two Pembroke Welsh corgis, we love sheep.  Mingus will herd them, but Coltrane, who is interested in the sheep, cannot withstand the lure of sheep droppings.

Perhaps you have seen the video that Welsh shepherds made.  If you can't imagine what sheep, LED lights, and Atari pong have in common, this video is made for you.  My mom sent it to me from The Very Short List, which brings you cultural tidbits from all levels, and you can see it by clicking here : Extreme Sheep.

 This morning I popped open my Google Reader to check out what everyone out there in bloglandia was doing, and discovered that Mitsy of ArtMind in Belgium had been watching sheep - a lot of sheep who had walked very far.  In fact these were real extreme sheep (see, if you watched the first video [sorry I can't import and post video because I'm lacking certain knowledge] you would get the reference).  She got to see 600 sheep on their way from Berlin, Germany, through the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg to Trier, Germany (on the Luxembourg border in the south west).  the grid marks painted on these sheep are intended for an entirely different purpose.  The sheep left on the 745.65 mile (1200 km) journey on June 5th and will be on the road until October 17th.  Run to her site and view her photos.  

Also take a look at more photos on Facebook and see the Moving Sheep site itself.

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