Sunday, September 5, 2010

and so begins fall

You must look hard, but you can find signs of fall here in South Georgia.  Slightly cooler weather, despite temps still rising into the 90's during the afternoon, is a sure harbinger of autumn.  There has been a change in wild flowers, seed pods are drying, mushrooms are popping up everywhere, and the holly and cedar have sprouted green berries.  My favorite is the beauty berry.  Bright purple berries cluster along the branches like beaded beads.
clockwise from upper right: trumpet vine pods, holly, mushroom in the pine straw, magnolia seed pod - fist size, creeping jenny, beauty berry, acorn in the sand, ripe palm fruit - smells like death, center - a mockingbird
roses still going strong

tiny wildflower

trumpet vine seed pods - about 6" long
beauty berry
Mingus picked up some seeds and grass on his walk
a patient, but cautious mockingbird

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  1. That beauty berry is something else! I've never seen anything like it!