Sunday, September 12, 2010

Badlands Butterfly

This is where I started last night. I pulled out the 16 gauge steel wire and the shop hammers. Yes, I have a proper chasing hammer, but I don't like to use it with steel. Besides, the model I was following used a ball peen to beat up and age the wire. Basically this design is about 10 miles from where I started earlier in the evening. The chain between the swan hooks I visualized as 6 mm honey jade, but the only wire I had that would pass through the jade didn't look good with the steel. Then I worked to combine the plain & fancy to see if I could get something going even with the crystal. I sort of like it, but it isn't really a wearable piece - at least not for my lifestyle.  But I had fun making all the charms. 
fully loaded

Then I decided to make another bangle. I realized I really liked the slightly golden hue of the vanilla crystals and would wear the piece without the tchotchkies.
a necklace
drilled hole with an eyelet on front and back
So I've made myself a necklace and two bangles.  I've even got the little coordinating crystal charm on the necklace. The butterfly is from Pork Chop Show and I completely coated it in ModPodge.  Originally I bought them to make a necklace of butterflies, but I still have to get that going.  Now that I figured out that I can insert eyelets to reinforce the hole, it seems. like a good project to tackle.
naked bangles ready to go

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