Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sleepless in Q'town/Full Moon

Even though he likes his sleep, Mingus whines to wake me before six most mornings.  Something must have disturbed him yesterday because he started at 4:45 AM.  Although my hives have finally cooled down and no new itchy patches have risen, three weeks of prednisone are making me rather manic.  I'm coming to the end of this course of meds and hoping that I'll be free of them.  Earlier this week I was a ball of furiously unfocused energy.  Although I got quite a bit of vacuuming done, staying on task doing anything else was a bit of a challenge.  As were coherent thoughts.  And sleeping.  Something I've taken has altered my sense of taste so just about the only thing I want is a tall glass of Coke (full sugar, caffeine-free and even better if you buy it at the Mexican grocery because they get imported Coke in glass bottles Coke made with cane sugar).  I'm not much of a soda girl, but that strong peppery fizz does cut the deathly metallic taste that will not leave me.

I've made some more rings.  This one in candy colors.  I think I'm going to make a couple beaded beads and loops and swirls from heavy copper wire to pair with this one.  I've been checking out some of the French and German beading sites and seen some long necklaces with loads of beady components.  Here is one of the sites I like
This is a metal piece I worked on last year, but finally got around to adding the dangly polyclay heart.  For some reason I could not get a decent picture of the whole piece.  I still need to patina the copper wire a little bit.  Or else I'll just let it hand around and nature will take over.

In honor of the full moon, which just happens to be on my birthday tomorrow (is that a good or bad omen?), I started playing with a moonface polyclay cab I made earlier in the year.  This shows in progress, but now there are actually a few more rows of progressively smaller beads encircling the face.  I think I'm going to use it as one component in a bracelet.  I've got to put Sharpie to the bead foundation to finish this off.


  1. Hey, I just bought myself a pc push mold and made some face cabs. That brought my work with cabs to a whole new level, as those faces are so much fun.

  2. I love the molds. Try mixing translucent clay with alcohol inks to get faux gemstones. I also discovered glazing my clay with a mix of liquid clay and alcohol inks.