Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Accidental Peacock

I tried out the Russian leaf earrings in the latest Beadwork.  I was wearing this bracelet around the house and remembered that I bought a few extra 6mm crystals when I made it.

Medina Bird
I'm not much of a crystal girl, but I do like a little sparkle here and there.  I started stitching with delicas left from the Medina Bird, but I used deep purple thread because I wanted to give the pale, pale 4mm bicones a little more color.  For some reason I was a little surprised when I came up with peacock feathers.  I mean, I saw the pic in the magazine - what did I expect?  Little may you know, but I'm a big fan of peacocks.  One of the highlights of my day is driving by the farm that has dozens of the birds and seeing them roosting in the trees and on the roof of the house. When the leaves fall from the pecan trees, I get a great view.
Last winter

Peacock Paisley

I think I need to make these without the dangly at the bottom

I tried it with Japanese seed beads and no dangle at the bottom
¿How cute is that bunny butt?


  1. those earrings are beautiful! nothing wrong at all with sparkle!
    and ohmygoodnessgracious...how cute IS that bunny butt!?! my friend has an english bulldog who sits like that but i've never seen another dog do that....

  2. Coltrane loves to get on the tile floor and spread out like this. Every corgi I've known does this - the Superman or the Flying Squirrel. With my two jokers I would say that they spread out like this to maximize the real estate they cover, but that is not a scientific answer. These boys can be so adorable sometimes they remind me of a friend telling me there is a word in Malay that means "so cute I want to squeeze it."

    I need to get busy making earrings because the art center in the county where I work has an under $100 gallery/shop for local artists. And I gotta make these beads earn their keep. Thanks for the thumbs up.

  3. great bracelet - looks like a lot of work but the pattern and result is worth it!

  4. Oh my those peacock paisley pieces are just gorgeous!...and what a fitting name. I just had to comment because your corgi picture is just adorable!!! Just look at him all sprawled out! Tonight while at a park I saw a family go by with THREE corgis.... so cute!!