Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Before I write a word, let me preface this post by saying that I've just spent the afternoon on the phone speaking with the Accounts Management rep from the hospital, the claims rep from my health care, and my doctor's office.  All these calls to correct a bill coding problem that arose when my doctor decided to code something diagnostic instead of routine in order to get a test a little earlier than if I went routine.  But, *drumroll here*...this is exactly the opposite of what occurred.  The long and the short of it is that I'm waiting for the doc's office to call back and say they will submit a corrective order, and I learned that I should call and speak to a claims rep while standing in the doc's office before I have anything done.  This is the lesson: call claims and find out how the tests, etc. need to be ordered so that they are in line with your particular plan. Don't listen to the doc; call and get advice from the claim rep.  But I must say that I spoke to three very wonderful, calm women this afternoon.  Each one just as helpful as the next.  Really!

Before this I entertained the appliance repairman who came to look at my dishwasher and one of the burners on my cooktop.  Each is less than 5 years old, each will require a $90+ part. 

O.K., done with that rant.  Now I think I might proceed.

I've been making little beaded rings.  Not the sort for your finger, but the type you might string on a ribbon or chain.  My favorite so far is this little turquoise number:

It wasn't too difficult to go outside this afternoon and snap a few shot of this.  The only thing I had to overcome was the extreme temperature difference between the indoors and the garden which caused the camera to repeatedly fog.  Sometimes I just need to put down the camera and let it get used to the temps for about 10 minutes before I try anything, but today I had luck.  I'm going to try to get a couple more of these made...well actually I have made a few today, but managed to break a bead as I was finishing up.  Not such an easy thing to fix when netting.  I'm still working on finding the correct tension - maybe I need to switch from 11/0 Czech to 11/0 Japanese beads? 


  1. These are hard to do Chica, I finally had success when I used czech seeds and fire-polished rounds. For some reason it's the bigger beads that make the difference. If you want tiny circles, use fire-polished 3mm rounds and size 15 seeds. They are so cute!

  2. I made one this morning while watching the dishwasher repairman work - I used small drop beads and 15/0 Czech charlottes. It looked like a seacreature, but I popped a bead at the very end.