Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

{Color/pattern inspiration photo collage at end of post}

It is a full moon today.  It is my birthday.  I won't reveal my age, but I will tell you that it rhymes with door-to-door.  I can't believe it is such a high number.  (But I do like the number because the crazy former math teacher in me loves fat even numbers like this one.  I'm also a fan of primes, perfect squares, and the Fibonacci sequence.)  I would say, "Me pongo vieja," but I really don't.  I remember my 22nd birthday as if it were yesterday.  And I think I feel almost the same (wiser, but not so different).  When I turned 22 I was at my parents' house just after I was graduated from Ohio State.  I was totally nervous the entire summer because I would be leaving for grad school (history of art) at NYU and living in NYC.    My dad came into my room in the morning to wish me happy birthday and told me that he couldn't believe he had a daughter who was 22 because it seemed to him that he had just been 22 yesterday.  He had been living in Greenwich Village about the time he was 22.   
Reading and probably discussing the news
And right on cue my dad has phoned to wish me happy birthday.  I told him about the story, above, and he said that as we get older our perception of time speeds up.  Ahhh, yes, I think I can feel a little breeze from my increased speed.

The red dog let me sleep until 6:51 this morning.  I guess this was his gift to me.  One more week and we are back to 5 AM waking so I should relish the extra 111 minutes while I can.
Mingus & Coltrane
If I got all the projects completed that I dream up on the daily dog walks I would be the most productive person around.  Alas, it is not so.  But this morning I was thinking about photographing colors and patterns from around my house.  Usually I do this outside - flowers, sand, bark - but I was thinking about finding  inspiration in the objects with which I surround myself.  Here is a glimpse into my house.
 I must say that I really do vacuum.  I even bought a Dyson Animal after the second corgi came along.  Unfortunately no matter how much brushing and vacuuming gets done, corgi hair produces tumble weed size dust bunnies.  And these boys are going through the second serious molt since April.  Sorry about all the dog hair in the pics.


  1. happy birthday, lois!!! hope you had a great one!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday!

    Adorable doggies, and wonderful patterns!

    I really hope you had a great one -- make it a birthday WEEK!

  3. Happy Birthday and such gorgeous dogs! Celebrate!