Monday, March 1, 2010

A little new work and a few blurry pics

I did a little new work including this necklace and bracelet:

The links, loops, and clasp are steel which I hand forged - much to my sweet husband's dismay.  The green beads are peace jade and the others, strung on linen cord, are various Japanese seed beads.  The ceramic pendant is from Michael's, and the purple ribbon is from a mixed box of sundries I bought on West Screven Street a few years ago.

This sterling silver and hematite bracelet I wrapped.  It is about the sixth like it I have done. The photo is terrible, but the bracelet is beautiful and has a really nice weight to it because of these beads.  In an earlier post there are pics of a similar piece made with chevron amethyst.  Both of these pieces sold, but I made another necklace just like the one above and ordered a pendant from Summers Studio Pottery as a reward for myself for my first sales.  This is the pendant I ordered .  I'm hoping that the color goes well with the peace jade and if it doesn't, well I just love it so I'll make another necklace from which it can hang.

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