Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And that's why they call them k-i-l-l-e-r whales...

Driving home from work today I heard the news that an orca at Sea World Orlando had killed a trainer.  The report said that while some were saying the trainer was killed in the tank in front of a live and horrified audience, the sheriff's department was investigating where the death took place because other people claimed the attacked occurred in a backstage tank.  Call me crazy, but this was not a Criss Angel Mind Freak episode, so how can an entire audience not see what they think they saw.  Sea World - not the Magic Kingdom.

The Animal Protective League was quoted as saying no one should go to any live animal performance because these are wild animals being kept in an unnatural environment.

My favorite quote, however, was what seemed most unnatural to me.  "This is being investigated as an accidental death."  And what else could it be?  Did the whale plan it?  Was it premeditated?  Maybe a crime of passion, but I can't really imagine the whale planned it.  But by the time I was close to home this shocker was being reported:

Tillikum the Killer Whale Had Violent Past Before Deadly Attack on SeaWorld Trainer

So this is a serial killer whale from Canada.  Okay, now it all makes sense.  To read for yourself check out the CBS page Crimesider: True crime stories from the producers of 48 Hrs. Mystery.  No lie, this is where the story is posted.

Personally, I think the whale was framed.  And I bet it was the sting ray.  I mean look at what ray did to poor Steve Irwin.

But prosecutors will use what this poster said in response to the Whale Had Violent Past article to stick it to the whale:

Tillikum: Born 1981 WILD into an Icelandic Pod. Brain size 4.3 times larger than a human. Spent 2 years with his mother and her family. Kidnapped in 1983. Later sold into the Seaworld/Anheuser-Busch/Blackstone "Circus." Is Tillikum angry about being ripped from his family or does he just not understand that people are not whales, that they can't hold their breath and that they break when you play too hard with them. Sad for both the large brain and small brain mammals involved.


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  1. Whatever happens it won't be good for the whale. Show biz was not his natural venue. This story is sad on more than one level.
    But I am sorry for the trainer as well as the whale.