Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bullet Proof

This is one of the latest beaded pieces I finished.  It is heavy - two layers thick - and very comfortable to wear.  The main beads are size 11 Toho rounds with size 15 silver one-cut charlottes, some size  15 shiny Tohos, and 3mm sugar plum magatama drops.  The piece is strung on Kevlar thread, which I really enjoyed using.  I'm working on another piece now and am using Nymo with Thread Heaven and still having trouble with tangles no matter how many times I let the needle spin.  I still need to get better photos, but this is a start.  This pattern is Layered Loops from the February 2010 Bead & Button magazine and was designed by Smadar Grossman of Modi'in, Israel (

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