Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Woodland glade

I've had this pendant sitting around since last year.  It is actually made from translucent polymer clay which I colored with a variety of inks after I fired it.  I didn't make a mold, instead I took an impression from a carved wooden box.  Last weekend I got around to wiring beads and made this necklace with crystals, gemstones, Czech beads, and anything else which appealed to me.  I set out to make it very long, but after wearing it once this way I shortened it to about 17in.  Now I have enough left over to make a bracelet.
no, that's not silver - I used Beadalon German style wire

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  1. I stopped by for the earring hop and saw this lovely necklace!!! I cannot believe this is poly clay - IT'S LOVELY!!! Beautiful necklace.