Friday, April 29, 2011

Check out the pictures in your garden

My husband was gone when I got home from work today, but he left me a note on top of the camera...

"Check out the pictures in your garden."

These are the pictures taken just outside the back door.  Yikes!  Please tell me that is a white oak snake and not a rattler.  I won't know until he gets home and tells me what he heard when he took the pics, but that looks like a fairly shield-shaped help to me! 
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  1. Holy Moly! I would have freaked out!

    Just saw you are in GA, hope no where near the tornado path. Looking forward to reading you blog!

  2. I love your strawberries and cream earrings. Watch your step in the garden. What scares the snakes away?

  3. That is seriously scary! Can't believe your husband was cool enough to take a photo!