Monday, April 18, 2011

Handpicked and freshly churned

The strawberry season is going to be winding down here.  I've got to get out to one of the farms and get some homemade strawberry ice cream.  Next month we will be in peach season and that ice cream is great if you head to the right orchard to get a cone.  I like the Burton Brooks Orchard with their giant hand-lettered sign reading "Old Fashion Ice Cream."  Maybe it is all the fruit coming into season that lead me to this rather uncharacteristic colorway when I put together this necklace from directions in La Bella Joya's newsletter (if you aren't signed up click over to Marcie's site and do yourself the favor).
strawberries & cream
I know it has a few tension problems, but I ignored very clear directions.  You cannot see thread unless you view the world through a macro lens at all times.
a little lotus
Above is my happy accident.  I followed the wrong thread path and instead of a starflower, I got what looks like a lotus.  I'm going to play with this shape a little more.
11/0's & 15/0's
time for ice cream!
the ice cream shack at the orchard


  1. You picked gorgeous colors for this - it's so pretty!

  2. I know I've already told you this...but I really do like this...the color scheme works, it just works. Lindisima!

  3. LOVE those colors -- right up my alley!

  4. I had to write you and tell you what a small small world it is! I had won the sisterhood of the traveling bead box a couple of times back, so I was looking to see where it went now. I found your blog. I was looking back through several of your posts and came across your post about the Bead Soup party. I saw your soup you received and thought it looked familiar. Low and behold, it was from my Sister in law Kim Hutchinson!! We both live in janesville WI. Isnt that a strange coincidence? Love your blog!!