Sunday, January 30, 2011

a little work

polymer and silver art clay from the same mold
silver art clay from my mold below
the mold
I made these pieces last week when I made the peacock pendant.  I have been carrying around the silver floral in my pocket all week as if it were a lucky charm.  I still haven't bedazzled it, but I think I know what I will do.  My mold and the polymer pieces are coated in some mineral powder.  Mostly this is for release purposes, but I also like the way it looks, which is not like these photos.  With super-macro they appear to be covered in powdered sugar, but in reality it is a bit more subtle.  I still want to get out the alcohol inks and play around.  They also need to be buffed a bit.  I have found that denim works the best for me.  Unfortunately, usually this means that I rub the polymer pieces against the leg of whatever jeans I am wearing at the moment.
the peacock in good light

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  1. Oh my heavens these are just GORGEOUS, Lois! One of these days I am going to learn how to do the silver clay!