Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A few stitches

A tubular herringbone bangle from Ruby
My pink trefoil attempt
sterling, copper, silk, and vintage Czech glass earrings
tiny stars to test colorways
seven stars sewn together from Marcy Abney's Dec.2010 Beadwork piece
Dreadful photos that I just took inside, but I've been missing the daylight. I haven't been quite certain of my name for the past three days due to the creeping crud that is oozing around.  I coughed, sniffled, sweated, and almost begged for mercy, but started to feel better until I faced 5 AM this morning.  I thought I wouldn't make it through the workday.  I drove 40 min. through thick fog hoping that no one would say anything that would upset me and cause me to burst into tears.  Of course when I got in and had computer malfunctions on a day most of my lesson was dependent on technology, and had to switch gears while going down hill, I pulled it together.  It may not have been pretty, but I didn't crash.  So, I've got bad photos, oh well.  I just wanted to share that I have been doing something during the last month.

The trefoil is the darned thing full of ceylon Delicas that broke.  It looks a little squwishy because the beads decided to break as I was finishing.  It was intended to go to a mother-in-law, but I need to make another.  The earrings I made for the other MIL, and liked them so I made another pair for myself.  I still need to finish another two dozen or so tiny stars to put together my bracelet from Marcy's pattern.  And, yes, I wimped out on color and went with silver and gunmetal.  Finally is my fever dream herringbone bangle.  I have been wanting to try the pattern from Ruby's Beadwork.  I even took beads to Mexico, but never got going.  Saturday I made the bracelet.  Instead of finishing it with a magnet, I ran beading stringing wire through the tube and added a toggle.


  1. I love the start of the bracelet, I'm so glad that the directions were easy to follow and make-able. I can't wait to see it finished!

  2. I think it all looks great - I love the bracelet - and I hope you feel better soon!

  3. I love your bracelet- it looks gorgeous!