Sunday, January 9, 2011

Around Tulancingo

In and around Tulancingo, México
These pictures are from around town.  I stayed in the tiny town of San Lorenzo Sayala (actually it is larger than Q'town were I live) and made frequent trips down the mountain to or through Tulancingo.  Tulancingo was originally intended to be the capital of Hidalgo, but in the end Pachuca won out. I took many, many photos from the car as we drove around the states of Hidalgo, México, and Puebla.  Most of these were taken on December 30th, the last day I was visiting.  Inside cities all was concrete walls, usually brightly painted or sprayed with ads and announcements, outside the cities all was stone from fields.  Everywhere it appeared as if the entire country was simultaneously being torn down and built up before my eyes. 
View from the front of the house looking toward San Lorenzo Sayula
I really want to see the above view when the sunflowers are in bloom.  All those brown dots in the foreground are dried sunflowers.  Every where we went in this central area of México I saw sunflower seed heads.  It must be glorious when they are in flower.  Somewhere between the foreground and the houses in the background is a dry river bed.  In fact there is also one that runs in a gorge some distance from the back of the house.  One this particular bit of land is undeveloped so my mother-in-law has a nice view and doesn't look onto houses directly across the street.
Looking toward the church in San Lorenzo
We went to Mass on Noche Buena (Christmas Eve).  My husband didn't want to go, but his mother is quite devoted so I decided we had to take her.  Remi wanted to sit in the back row and his mother wanted to sit in the front row.  We ended up in the middle.  When Mass was over we spotted my father-in-law with his mother a few rows up.  Remi's parents split up nearly 25 years ago, but his is a one-church town and they all get along.

Remi in the kitchen with his grandfather and grandmother
Remi's paternal grandparents have 12 children, 11 of whom lived.  Despite the stern looks (and they are tough cookies!), their house was full of music during the holidays.  I caught his grandmother dancing around the kitchen with about four of her daughters.  She hid as soon as she saw me trying to take her picture.


  1. The collage is incredible - It looks so perfect that I am sure you spent quite a bit of time on it. Winter has many faces.
    Thank you for sharing these photos.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love Mexico and the wonderful colors around every turn.