Saturday, November 20, 2010

kumi's got me

I've been kumi crazy all week.  Actually I'm working on just one thing, but because I've been super sleepy this week, I only proceed about 45 min. at a time.  I have had this gorgeous lampwork focal by Juls Cannon for a few months and I finally figured out what I wanted to do with it.  I decided that some little seed beads I had would really bring out the greens and blues in the lampwork, and I set out to make a kumihimo strand on which to feature the bead.
the Aurora Borealis focal bead from Juls
I strung 13 ounces of copper lined aqua 11/o beads onto 8 lb. Fireline and set up my kumi disc.  This sounds like something that can happen lickety split, but in actuality, it took two days (aka 1 1/2 hours when your working day is only 45 min.).  Having no bobbins around which to wind the 64 feet of Fireline I pulled off of the roll, I folded index cards and cut notches to keep all the line in check, but also allow for easy unrolling to extend length as I went.  I thought about running to the drug store and searching for some pink foam hair rollers, but I decided I'd better invest my $ in real bobbins.
My beads are actually a bit lighter in color.  
At first I thought that the index cards would grab each other and not work, but they didn't pose any problem.  So finally I had eight 8 foot long strands of Fireline laden with 11/o beads.  I started braiding and when I began to add beads I thought perhaps the endeavor was turning out to be a disaster.  I got about 3 inches into it (this is slow going - but to me who is used to working wide peyote bands, it seems pretty quick) and put it down for the evening feeling deflated.  My fingers were having a hard time grabbing the line and it was difficult to see if the the 11/o beads were really under the line in each pass.  I was feeling as if the fun had gone out of it.
Kumi mobile

The next evening I put on my big girl skirt and picked up the disc again.  This time I actually put on my glasses and thought about the dilemma.  I adjusted the weight at the end of the braid and whipped out another few inches.  Huh!?  I actually liked what I was getting.  Although I know next to nothing about that I'm doing, I do know that the weight on the braid and the counterweight on each of the lines will change to look of the braid.  So on I went.  I've gotten to the point where I will run out of beads.  Today I have to do that most dangerous thing - go on-line and place a bead order.  I need all the self control I can muster! far...

This is 29 cm (11 1/2 inches) of braid.
Non-dog lovers should look away now - here is your dose of dog cuteness:
I was reading blogs and turned around to find my husband napping with the dog.


  1. So far so good looks fantastic but sounds like lots of hard work!

  2. Yes, it sounds like hard work. But it looks great so far.
    Love the pic of DH and your dog! Even the dog's fur and his sweater match. Very cute!

  3. That is an awesomely adorable photo. Love.

    That necklace is going to be awesome sauce! Love the color you've chosen~ it's perfect for that focal. Good job stretching your wings and making your plans work~ the effort will be so worth it in the end. :)