Sunday, November 28, 2010

flat netting
I have been beading, but not taking pictures as often as I need to do.  The time change poses a problem for catching the light at the right time.  I'm getting too many shadows now at the usual time I wander out to take pictures.  I ran out and realized that I was about 20 minutes past the last good light.  But, oh well, I grabbed some shots anyhow.

I tried out flat netting a few weeks ago.  I made a very simple bright red cuff with large toggles.  One of the young ladies who has been in my class since last year (Spanish 1 [which I no longer teach] and Spanish 2) caught sight of it, grabbed my wrist, and declared that she liked this one the best of all she had seen.  I'm not sure I agree, but it was fun to flat net.
two colors of 11/o Czech's and some vintage pressed glass flowers
I love the texture of the fabric and the way the pearl finish beads play against the matte finish beads.
netting works up quickly - next to try some netting layered over another base to give it a bit of substance
I also tried a RAW pattern from the French designer Mu whose site I cannot find to add the link.  This one uses 6/o's and 15/o's.  I added a giant vintage button and a handmade steel hook for a closure.
bracelets mingling
the button is quite a bit more blue in person

Finally, a little bit of flower power and corgi cuteness...
The neighbors's cat
I don't remember her name.  I just call her Sombracita - little shadow - because she chases after us when we walk.

Mingus and the neighbors' cat.
The black kitty runs from her house when she sees us in the morning.  Coltrane and Mingus are always excited to see her and won't move until she crosses the street to greet them.  Then they promptly ignore her.  When we are on the walk back home she hides behind a shrub or in the shadows (we walk before 6AM), and jumps out at them.  Usually I see her hide while the boys are busy sniffing everything, but sometimes she manages to scare me too.  This was a rare weekend morning when she laid herself out on the sidewalk in Mingus's path and demanded attention.


  1. The red netting looks awesome. You're right, the color variation is gorgeous. Great job.

  2. Lois - beautiful work. Also - I was just bemoaning the time-change/lighting-issue myself yesterday! Gotta find that sweet spot again!