Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fire, smoke, daily dog cuteness

Smoke and the morning sun
I didn't have a Margie & Me piece this week, but head over to La Bella Joya's blog and see what Marcie and others have created.  When I checked on Saturday there were only a couple of links to the post, but now I see that many others have added.  And I'm totally crazy about the current inspiration, Mosaic of Color #129.

I've been nursing a cold or something related to a sinus explosion all week.  Perhaps it is a reaction to the wildfire burning through the Arabia Bay Swamp near the Okefenokee Swamp?  Swamps really are not supposed to burn, but we have had so little rain for the past few months that a good lightening storm could set all of south Georgia and north Florida ablaze.  Yesterday I heard that 867 acres had burned and all 5,000 acres of the swamp were expected to go up in flames.  Now it was raining cats and dogs when I heard this story on the radio, so I expect that they mean it.  Over the weekend, the wildfire was being described as 88% contained, but I imagine that it is now burning underground if a complete burn-off is predicted.


Between smoke blowing in from 50 miles away and the dust being kicked up from the cotton harvest and ginning, the air is filled with dust.
Smoke at the crossroads

My happy boys

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  1. Aaahh, cotton...I miss the cotton fields, used to have to drive by two or three everyday on my way to school. They make me a little nostalgic, and I haven't seen one since I left Bama. Thanks for the memory!