Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Most requested intellectual property

 the colors are better in a photo below

I made this, the Illusion bracelet designed by Julie Ann Smith, from one of Beading Daily's free projects.  Every time I wear it someone wants to buy it so I need to check into what sort of licensing agreement, if any, there is before I go and stitch any more.  Right now I have out pattern paper and am working on some original designs.  I certainly would not want others taking my designs to sell without purchasing or getting permission from me (and let's hope I create some good enough that others will want them). 

 eeck! the thread really isn't visible to the naked eye...better buy a thread burner

this is the best shot of the actual colors...I really need to deshed this piece

Yesterday I consigned a sterling silver and larimar crazy lace agate wirework bracelet to a gallery/shop in Thomasville.  It was made from a pattern I learned at a workshop last spring and the artist said to me, "Sell it.  Make lots and sell them."  But when I was looking for some patterns to buy in order to get more practice with a few different stitches and explore the design possibilities (and entirely for personal use), I ran across artists who sold with the agreement that you could not even photograph and post a pic of the work on your own webpage, let alone make one for you friend, or sell it. I really do completely understand the reason behind this, but the language was so off-putting that I went and looked, and bought at another place.

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