Saturday, April 10, 2010

and the bees

Yesterday after I took pictures of the Medina Bird, I took some photos of the yard.  The camellias are still blooming, the azaleas have gone crazy, and the wisteria is in full bloom.  I love the wisteria when it is flowering, but really it is a weed here in the yard.  We spend hours x 100 trying to get it out of the other shrubs and bushes.  Yet for a few brief weeks it is lovely.

I found a bee busy pollinating the azaleas.  Papi swears that the azaleas change colors each year, but after eight years I am not convinced.  Who really knows what the bees do because the pollen is so thick here that car washes advertise: Is your car really yellow?  You can see some of the powdery film still on the leaves below, but that is really nothing because it is what is left after a day of torrential downpours.

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  1. OMG - beautiful pictures - Yard looks lovely