Monday, April 26, 2010

Kids say the craziest things

Madame G., the from France French teacher burst into my room after school this afternoon.  I was chatting with a former student who really came by to make-up an exam with the teacher next door and need to wait for her to return.  Madame told us of the incident which had just occurred. Two students, one being paid by the school to tutor another were supposed to be studying in a room in a distant part of the building.  When she went to check on them, the tutee was not prepared for the tutoring session.  She bristled and went to get a book from her classroom.  When she returned and handed the sweet young man a book to use he told her, "wouldnt it be easier just to pass me?"

Some nerve.  Fortunately for me, her ire caused her to break out a box of delicious chocolates (she is the French teacher) and pass them around to us as she fumed an got very red in the face. 

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