Sunday, May 5, 2013

Arabic motif bracelet

Apparently I didn't manage to write a blog in April.  I don't know what happened to the month.  It was here, I blinked, and it was gone.  Only the bills remain.
from a La Bella Joya pattern: Arabic Motifs

I loved the colors in Marcie's piece and had to make one myself.  Actually this is the second one I made.  The first I completed a few years ago, but I used thread that was a little too light weight and had problems with the aventurine beads breaking the thread.  For this piece I used 4 mm aquamarine and 6 lb. Fireline.  No problems.
I hoarded this aquamarine for years - it is much prettier in person

Gwen Fisher commented that she saw a similarity to the Archimedes Star in this design.  I see it too.  All the little triads and groupings of six.  I have been reading Gwen's article "Using tiling theory to generate angle weaves with beads" and am excited about thinking through angle weaves (RAW, CRAW, MRAW) in a new way.  I am a very big picture person - I like to understand how everything fits together before I start exploring details - and this article helps me wrap my mind around the weave and imagine possibilities.


  1. The aquamarine looks beautiful, and the bracelet is so lovely -- Marcie's patterns are so pretty!

  2. I love it! And I know what you mean about the thread breaking. I had the same problem myself, it all just depends on the gemstone rounds that you use, with some, I can get away with just nymo and others really require the tough stuff. Great piece!

  3. A very pretty bracelet. Love the colors. Thanks for making me giggle with the "only the bills remain" comment - how TRUE! And apparently I don't read blogs in the beginning of May as I'm just getting to my reader today!