Saturday, March 30, 2013

Miriam's Garden

This piece is based on the Carole Horn Neptune's Garden bracelet from the December 2011 Bead & Button.  I used the size 8/0's listed in the magazine for the diagonal peyote base, rolled the edges, added three Czech floral buttons for the closure, and then went all Miriam Haskell adding beaded flowers and leaves until I had a corsage bracelet.  I think this piece went from being Neptune's Garden to Miriam's Garden.
The 8/0 peyote base is very supple even though I stitched it with 8 lb. Fireline.  It was easy to add the embellishments to the base because of the large 8/0 holes.  I tried to get a good balance between matte and shiny beads.  I even found a spot to add a pearl.
loops on the right for fastening to the three floral buttons at the far end
looking into the garden


  1. Wow, what an amazing work of art, Lois! The addition of the Czech and pearls really adds to the design.

  2. Beautiful! Nothing that lovely blooming around here yet, but that's a great spring bouquet.

  3. Beautiful mix of bead finishes - especially love the creamy yellows. And the button closure gives an extra flourish of color.

  4. Hi-it's FANTASTIC:-)
    Reminds the really,really Good Times on Blogger in the beading area.
    Very interesting,textural-fine colors and the Spring mood.
    Happy Easter to You!
    Best Greetings - Halinka-

  5. Stunning. Happy Easter Lois!

  6. I love Miriam Haskell and this is gorgeous!

  7. That is gorgeous. A lovely reminder that spring is just around the corner.