Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's not the heat

That is what the weather report shows.  This is what it says:  92 F, feels like 103F.  What the heck?!  It is 5:30PM already.  I was just outside trying to take a couple of pictures of a bracelet and had to wait for more than five minutes for the lens to stop fogging.  It stormed like you wouldn't believe last night and the humidity is super high.  I spent a total of ten minutes outside trying to move as little as possible and I still need a shower.
Still slightly fogged

The closure is the only original part of the piece.

The green is matte transparent.  The rest are glossy.

 I found the pattern at Flymouche's site.  It is called Boutonniere.  The Flyblog is one of the many wonderful French beading sites whose owners share patterns for personal use.  Even though my mother objected to the colors when I shared my latest project with her, I went ahead because I was interested in how these colors and finishes related to each other. I've noticed tons of the European and many of the top American beaders using metal tones, particularly this bronze.  I also was really curious how the matte transparent green would look surrounded by the glossy and luminous beads.  The bands of green actually really receded on the wrist.  They set off the orchid, white, and blue.  The bronze sparkles throughout.  It is a fun piece to wear.  I searched my bead stash and came up with this antique metal bead.

I was shocked how quickly drop three peyote goes together.  Even this odd count piece was fast.  Right now I'm working on a wider cuff and have switched to using a two needle method for odd count so I get even tension throughout the piece. 

I found the little dogs sleeping on the futon.  Why does Coltrane sleep using a pillow?

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