Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yellow flowers

I have not been doing much jewelry photographing, but I have been making pieces.  This is a the second lariat I made based on Leslie Frazier's Trumpet Flower Necklace in the Aug/Sept 2012 Beadwork  
Now I must get busy with the camera in order to show off what I have been doing since last spring. 


  1. Hello,from Sweden-after the veery long break:-))
    Your yellow Flower is astonishingly miraculous.It has attracted my attention at once and tempted me to put my first comment,here in Your Blog: wonderful way of stitching-great idea-reminding all those best beading times,in which I could admire the variety of floral patterns.
    Thank You for the impression and that feeling.
    best Greets-Halinka-

  2. The colors you selected for this lariat are fantastic. Bold and delicate.