Sunday, January 13, 2013

blossom lariat

A gift made for my mother based on Leslie Frazier's Trumpet Flower Necklace in the Aug/Sept 2012 Beadwork.  I picked out a color palette to coordinate with a winter outfit and my mom's favorite color of nail polish.


  1. I love lariats (I'm working on one right now!) and this one is gorgeous in color and design. Your Mom will love, love, love wrapping up in it!

  2. Great adaptation. I just cut that out of the magazine to save.

  3. Believe me, Mom L O V E S this beautiful work of art.
    It's even better in its entirety.
    There is an amazing richness and depth present in the way Lois arranged the bead colors.
    Photos don't do this piece justice.
    Many thanks...