Saturday, March 10, 2012

La Primavera

I have been reading and grading and driving back and forth to work, and during this time spring has sprung.  There were quite a few false starts this year.  The pine pollen went crazy with the balmy temps in January and the hard freezes continued all the way until just recently. 
what is this?
Now, however, I think the season is flowing out across the fields as it was intended to be.  We have had beautiful warm days reaching into the 80's in the afternoons and chilly mornings and nights.  The last of the camellias still in bloom and azaleas have opened.  Any day the clematis growing on a trellis in the courtyard will have salad plate size blooms.  The yellow red roses, chives, mint, oregano, and thyme are going full strength.  I saw a gerbera daisy too, but they seem to come and go all year whenever they please.
it takes a village
I have a little family of Carolina wrens living on the porch.  The parents built a next of pine straw with a bit of corgi hair for comfort.  They planted themselves on the highest of the corner shelves behind an ugly menorah that is composed of nine rotund people standing hip to hip and holding up their arms.  When the eggs hatched I could hear the babies peeping.  For a few days I watched two parents fly in and out of the porch with insects.  Finally curiosity got the better of me and I dragged a chair over to peek into the nest.  The babies were not alone.  I don't know whether the big bird in the nest or I was more shocked at the moment of discovery.   The next day I got my camera and invaded the bird space again.  This time the babies were unattended and I got some pictures of the four babies with their mouths gaping.  They even peeped at me as if I might have some tasty morsels for them.
feed me
hello babies

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  1. I've always wanted to take a photo of those open baby mouths - good work!