Monday, February 6, 2012

Project of the month - Thanks Diane Fitzgerald!

¡six of the eight leaves x almost three hours each!
It took me almost a month...well, about 48 beading hours that I fit into the past month.   I finished Diane Fitzgerald's Gingko Leaf Necklace.  This came after one of my husband's epiphanies this holiday season - bead kits make great presents.  It really is perfect because it is a splurge that I would probably not buy for myself, but which I love.  Before I started I read somewhere that each leaf took about three hours.  I didn't really believe this until I got going.  I think I got that time down a little, but it was hard to tell because I don't think I actually sat for that amount of time in a row.  I love the piece!  I can't wait to put some of the things I learned from it to use in some more work.

No longer am I afraid to make long necklaces - this one has a 15/0 peyote spiral around a satin cord that goes on for miles. Diane's directions for the spiral are super easy.  I thought I might have some trouble using such tiny beads, but I had not trouble going round and round.  Any errors were easy to spot right away.  I also thought for sure I would see all the new threads, but I got pretty good at weaving everything in a seamless manner (my method differs a little from Diane's method).  A cone of Nymo B, some beeswax, and a thread burner got me through the long piece.  At one point I had to stop and work on leaves because I was pretty certain I was giving myself a repetitive stress injury, but a few days off and I was good as new.  I think the spiral part ended up being about 34 inches, which is a bit longer than the direction.
I spy a strand of corgi hair in that necklace
Working on the leaves in brick stitch and blending the colors has given me a new appreciation for transparent Delicas.  I've been thinking about making some leaves in spring/summer colors so when winter ends I won't have to leave my new favorite necklace in the drawer until next fall.
a sweet little leaf...

...the ruffles really disguise the actual size of each leaf...
What fun!


  1. Lois, it's breathtaking! Congratulations on getting it done (the thought of doing nearly three feet of peyote tube in size 15s knocks me down. You're going to get comments from everyone you see when you wear this beauty.

  2. Lois - this piece is spectacular. As usual, I am so impressed with your mastery of patterns and more so your beautiful use of color!!! BRAVO!

  3. What a specially beautiful work!Beautiful design,lovely colors!Congrats!

  4. Beautiful colors. The piece is spectacular.

  5. What amazing patience. Oh my goodness!!! It's gorgeous!

  6. Wow, what a wonderful job you've done. I've always admired this piece, I love the blend of colours

  7. Kudos to Diane Fitzgerald on her wonderful design
    And Kudos to you on the beautiful execution.
    Simply awesome!


    1. You can contact Diane Fitzgerald directly for the pattern