Monday, October 24, 2011

Couvige de Marie Noel

Here is a RAW cuff that I just can't get right.  I made all but the final rounds within the individual openings.  I wasn't happy with the form I was getting - not curvy enough along the edges.  So I will try again with a different set of 11/0's and 15/0s.  I found the pattern here - it is from Marie Noel/MarieCyber, but it is no longer available.  You would need to search for Couvige in the Histoire de perles.
gorgeous curves in imitation of lace
I think it is better in one color and I need to nudge some of those beads into place...
and I'm going to try inserting some of the final embellishments to see if that puts more curve into my piece.  I remember another version I saw at Perlicoti:

And above here is another Couvige by Pascale G-M.  She has filled every opening with the embellishment. I love the color of these beads.  Does anyone know what they might be?


  1. I would say purple iris metallic if I had to guess or maybe plum? I have some that look just like that and they are labeled plum. (I think artbeads carries them)

  2. Wow what a beautiful design...I love the classic black in the designer's picture but I also love your version - it gives the piece a complete different look. Pity the pattern is no longer available - I'd love to do one in black!