Saturday, August 27, 2011

Golden Dragonfly

I made this dragonfly with 24K gold wings from a Good Quill Hunting pattern.  Christina has amazing patterns and kits for a variety of stitches.  If you don't weave but bead embroider, go to her site to get inspired.  The mix of beads, stones, colors, and stitches takes my breath away.  She has some free patterns and tutorials as well as an amazing list of links and resources.  Click here for Christina's blog, also full of gorgeousness and info.  My dragonfly cuff is coveted by my friends, co-workers, and students.  And you can see why:
look at all those shades of gold in the wings!
add a little sunshine and it glows
a little closer
the beads on the wings shift colors in the light - she really appears to fly on your wrist
I love the bright blue eyes
Finished with vintage glass buttons and peyote loops
I messed around with each end of the pattern a little bit so that the bands of color would meet up at the closure.  The idea didn't dawn on me until I was finishing so I didn't get it quite even, but I like the result.  I also tapered the corners to avoid them getting dog-earred with wearing.  The sweet little clover buttons are vintage pressed black glass with facets and heavy brass shanks.  I found them at an antique shop here in Q'town which specializes in vintage clothing.  They measure about 8mm across.  This cuff is about 2 1/8" wide. 

On Christina's web site she recommends Joan Painter of Painter's Art Beads as a source for small quantities of Delica beads.  I followed this advice and managed to get the quantities I needed down to 1 gram of this and 1 gram of that.  Joan carries just about every Delica number under the sun.  I saved a bunch of money on beads for this bracelet, but went a little crazy ordering beads that I had not been able to find elsewhere!  Joan takes her orders via email.  Send her a message with your order and she charges you for the actual shipping cost.  She is great!


  1. I love your dragonfly! It is so beautiful!

  2. That's beautiful, Lois. ("Schoon" doesn't quite cover it, does it?) /Olov

  3. Beautiful work. I have been a fan of Christina of Good Quill Hunting, for quite some time. Her bead embroidery is incredible and she is always coming up with something that is new to me. She creates some beautiful eye candy. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Its always nice to meet another blogger, especially a fellow beader!

  4. So beautiful it takes my breath away.