Thursday, July 14, 2011

Souvenirs From Life Giveaway

Laura at Souvenirs From Life must have read my mind when she decided on this giveaway.  I was just searching the web for double flush cutters last night and here she is giving away a pair by Swanstrom.
double flush cutter - a wireworker's dream
If you are not familiar with what these babies can do, you will tear up with joy upon reading the description.  Here from the Rio Grande catalog is music to my ears:

Swanstrom Double-Flush Shear Cutter


Item Number: 111063

Designed for cutting jump rings and reducing metal waste. Get flush edges on both sides of the cut so you don't need to file jump rings before soldering! A knurled set-screw allows you to set the jaws for the precise—and repeatable pressure you need.
Laura is celebrating Souvenirs From Life turning one.  I'd say this is a fine way to commemorate the occasion.

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