Sunday, December 5, 2010

What do you do with the ends of your thread?

3-link pointed oval chain
I have been working on a custom order piece this week, but took some time out to play with the pointed oval from Diane Fitzgerald's book Shaped Beadwork.  I made this little chain as well as an embellished link.  I used Fireline and Toho Treasures.  A thread burner is on my wish list, but in the meantime I've been playing around with various methods of achieving the same result.  I've heated a metal skewer, a toothpick, and tried using an old heated eyelash curler.  Nothing really worked.  I did not, however, melt my cord ends with a lighter as suggested in Shaped Beadwork.  Just thinking about this gave me anxiety.  What do you do with the ends of your threads after you cut them?  Should I shell out the $25 for a thread burner?  Do you have a better way?


  1. I usually weave my threads back through the beads or weave them back into the middle of a tube. I occasionally use my thread burner, but find I must be very careful how close I to either the main thread or the beads. When the burner tip wears out, the replacement tip is not cheap! Your work is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Yes, I do the same with the weaving back into the piece. I thought a thread burner might be an expensive toy with some drawbacks.

  3. Lois - you executed those pointed ovals perfectly - they look gorgeous. I also weave my thread back into the piece, and then I pull the thread as taught as I can and you sharp nail clippers and cut the thread as close to the bead as possible. Typically - the thread contracts back into the bead and I never see it again!

  4. Firstly those links look awesome!

    My tip is to use a stick of incense. You don't have a flame but there is enough heat in the burning end to melt the thread. I do this all the time and it works a treat... no risk of setting the piece on fire and no burnt fingers... and a nice fragrance too!!

    Give it a go!!


  5. I took the hint. It is on it's way to SoGA
    Thank you, I was just about to ask you but thought I'd see the latest at my favorite blog.
    Love the new look, This is a woman I know and respect.