Monday, June 14, 2010

Down the street photos

It is difficult to take super-macro photos while holding two dogs on leashes and a cup of coffee, but it is not impossible.  Here are a few shots of the flora we saw.
The little dogs and I were out for a walk yesterday morning.  Despite the fact that it was just after 8 AM, the air was so humid that I felt as if I were walking around at an indoor swimming pool.  The dew had not burned off yet and it was already blazing hot.  We were out a little earlier than usual for the summer because I like to avoid walking when my neighbors are speeding down the street trying not to be late for church.  We were fairly successful, but did have a problem about a mile from the house when we encountered the Methodist minister's dogs running loose.  These dogs are old and escape artists, and I have on occasion driven over to the church to let them know the Revs dogs are taking a walk without him.  I'm not sure how much difference it makes because he doesn't walk them with leashes anyhow.

Just as Coltrane loves Lulu, Mingus adores Gracie.  She is a large, short-haired, black with white markings, heavily muscled, old, Heinz-57.  Mingus was doing his happy dance and sniffing noses with her.  She somehow turned and scared Coltrane-the-wanna-be-tough-guy, who snapped at her.  She snapped at him.  Cries from my baby boy ensued, and I ended up picking Coltrane up in my arms (unhurt, but scared).  He was fully recovered in six seconds.  Gracie and her brother dog wanted to keep walking with us, but I shooed them away in order to keep the peace.

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